Lorde is full of crap

Shes giving the libral white guilt.

Sounds like JK ROWLING Hitler crap.

You guilty give your money away.

Leave us out of your virtual signaling.

BLM ANTIFART said nothing.

Typical liberal bs.

Anyway what you think???

Ill post a cartoon later.

Going ro give your money back.

Sound like zena worrier princess..

Global warming worrier.


Shout Out too. Liberty Life Church

Hi. This is a shout out to Liberty Life Church.

Thank you for your kindness.

Inviting me for lunch.

Was feeling a bit discouraged. Ups and Downs with God.




Some AWESOME times with God,

Seeing his creation Just outside Rotorua.

You could see the milky way everything.

Want to set up my telescope there next time.


So to any one in the area whose reading. Any one???

Go to Whakatane Liberty Life Church.


In Foggy Hobbiton

From Foggy Matamata NZ

Done in a lovely warm McDonalds CafeDSC01539.JPGDSC01540.JPGHa ha actually Mata DSC01542.JPGmata

Matamata a small town in the North Island of NZ

Im going to make posts about this area when daylight arrives

Trying to get back into blogging again.

Hopefully have some of my art work online.

Im trying to do too many things at once.

Im going to play tourist today look around town see the sights.


Im particularly interested in historic stuff. Buildings etc and of course free.

So hopefully so,eone actually is reading my site,


Hello to you welcome my most honored guest.


Ill get my main site up and running as soon as I can access it.

I’ve forgotten how to get in.


Heres my latest art work.





This is from a digital photo. Quality prob better with a scanner.

Working out a process to go from drawings to digital


Monty Python

Or “Hello World”

Goto https://www.hipstercode.com/

To learn how to code in python.

A lot of tutorials.

I want to code for too reasons

1 Godot  ; Game making want to make games


2 Raspberry Pi; more on that later


PS haven’t forgotten comics




monty pythonMonty Pythons flying Circus an inspiration in so many ways.